With the Gr1p Foundation, on September 19 2019, Tessel Renzenbrink and I organized a workshop for civil servants of the Rotterdam municipality on the Smart City.

The goal was to look beyond the smart city hype, and to focus on the specific choices the Rotterdam municipality had to make regarding the adoption and implementation of smart infrastructures.

We discussed and compared smart city strategies adopted by different cities across the world and searched for a Rotterdam-specific approach. Leading questions in this were: how can public values be safeguared in the roll-out of smart infrastructures? How can existing expertise and experience be mobilized to do this in a clever way? And how can this be done in good collaboration with the citizens of Rotterdam?

The workshop was part of the ‘Beyond Smart Cities Today‘ symposium, organized by the  Erasmus University in collaboration with the Centre for Bold Cities and the Kenniswerkplaats Urban Big Data.