With my colleagues of the Gr1p Foundation, for the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) of the University of Amsterdam I developed and teach the Honours Course  Towards Digital Freedom. The central question of this course is: ‘How can we build, implement and govern digital infrastructures in such a way that both individual and collective freedom are protected?’ In 12 classes, combining hands-on exercises, lectures and group discussions,  we gradually deepen our understanding of ‘freedom’ and grow awareness of the impactful presence of the digital around us.

Our everyday digital surroundings can be compared to the fish’s water. It is so inevitable that we hardly notice it, let alone that we are able to reflect on it.

By making visible and tangible everyday digital infrastructures this course invites you to ‘jump out of the water in which we swim’, reflect on it and learn to see how we can participate in the shaping of our digital society.